Major loopholes around the channel have limited me and pretty much have decreased my content immensely and it sucks. music in my best belief has sorta daunted me into different frames of mind I’m so certain that soon my music will make its way onto here but it takes time. this video just explains the many things that it takes to start your own music career as a whole. I did music back in my day. —————–(More the story is it was the summer of 2019 and school was almost out and I had been dating this girl who got me into some trouble that it got me suspended from school for two days my phone was the only thing I had besides entertainment I was 17 at the time and I was getting a since of the world. That suspension caused me to lose my phone privilege’s for a whole summer leaving me to find entertainment using the shitty family Linux desktop in which always seemed to crash so much. I had nothing else to cling to for fun and it so happened that very summer I found my voice so for starting with rapping then singing and lastly to vocalizing. I got a lot of stuff done that summer that going into 2020 I had already recorded a few 30 songs on my small studio. It all came to an end once I found a part time job as my little talent had faded away over the course of time. That is why I ask many of you to keep trying for your selves and never give up. My advice for the young generation is to stick your niche and try new things that really help. )—————————- Swayney Logging offf



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