TRAVELLING WITHOUT A PLAN… vanlife europe! French travel vlog, visiting Carcassonne, France.

In this Sundays travel vlog we start with a visit to the gorges d’heric. What a fantastic spot in France this is, with an awesome park up right at the bottom of it, proving once again that France is the perfect place to wild camp!

We then stop at a little town called Minerve, which offers fantastic picturesque views of itself at night before finally moving on to the medieval fortress city of Carcassonne.

This city is definitely worth a visit, well known for its double walled fortifications and numerous watch towers! This Languedoc region that we found ourselves temporarily living in in our self converted campervan certainly had a lot to offer!

Follow us on our journey as we attempt to create a proper YouTube travel series as we travel across Europe during this global pandemic.
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