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Watch the entire course at Japanese for Beginners is presented by the experienced Toshiko Jackson, a Japanese national who immigrated to Australia 31 years ago. Toshiko is degree qualified and has many years of experience as a Japanese teacher at all levels, a translator and interpreter, ensuring an inspiring and knowledgeable teaching of the Japanese language.

This course is for those who wish to learn the language in a well-balanced way. It aims to help learners develop communication with Japanese people in active, productive, creative and progressive ways.
This comprehensive course covers both general language, which is commonly called survival language and language which is used for travellers. It also includes interesting and useful information on Japanese culture, history, attractions for travel in Japan, social values, etiquette and bowing, customs which are particularly helpful to know when travelling to Japan. This is all valuable knowledge to help you immerse yourself in the culture and enjoy your trip to Japan even more.

This Japanese course teaches many short dialogues for demonstrating the use of vocabulary, grammar and colloquial phrases. In dialogues and phrases, many different people’s names, those of many cities/places are used, so that learners are encouraged to talk about their background more freely and positively. In addition, it has many useful quizzes to learn Japanese in a fun way.

The course is designed to develop the learners’ speaking, listening and reading skills. In this Beginners Level, we briefly cover the writing system.

We know you will enjoy learning Japanese with Toshiko. By developing your Japanese language skills, you will be able to have an exciting and delightful trip & experience in Japan.



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