These are some of my favorite cottagecore hobbies to give a try in your free time. Many of these are a good part of a sustainable lifestyle. The ones I mention are only a few of the many cottagecore type hobbies out there!

Reading and Learning about local wildlife to get to know about the world around you.
My book recs:
Planting for Honeybees
Braiding Sweetgrass

Embroidery can be done to decorate plain clothing and its a mindful/relaxing activity. Not expensive to try out
Here’s a great resource I found while learning it myself:

Flower or leaf pressing
I found this flower press at a local thrift store but there are many ways to press or preserve flowers and leaves if you don’t have one. The cheapest and easy to try of the ones I mention

Weaving has been around for thousands of years and across many cultures. It can be used to make rugs, blankets, tapestries, cloth really whatever the heart desires. I find it relaxing too
how to video:

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